Patient Portal

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Your Healthcare Information in your hands

Your to-do list. Questions about your health. These things come to you at unexpected times – often when it’s too late to pick up the phone and get answers. Now you and your doctor can be on the same page anytime you’re near a computer.

Renew my prescription.

Make Doctor’s appointment.

Find the results of that lab test.

Do I have a cold or allergies?


Access Patient Portal

Getting Started Is Easy

  • Fill out a consent form at our practice and provide a email address.
  • We’ll then enroll you and hand you a patient portal access token.
  • You will receive an email that explains how to complete the enrollment process.
  • Activate your token by clicking the “access patient portal” button.
  • Complete your registration by clicking the “enroll now” button.
  • You can log in using your email address and create your own username, password and security question(s).
  • Enjoy access to your medical records, 24/7!
Access Patient Portal